Tribute to Joey Glover

On some steps in Crawford Square
As a child I did play there
In summer days I used to stray
In safety and tranquility.
But now of peace there is no trace
A city set in death's grimace
And on these steps a gunman slew
A man of peace, a man I knew.

Now Derry's streets are in decay
And days of peace seem long away
But Joey lived amongst this strife
And shows to us the joys of life
Up in the hills he knew so well
Each buttress and each grassy dell
He dearly loved his native land
I say with pride, 'I knew this man.'

And on the heights above Dunlewy
and the cliffs around Slievetooey
Where the cold winds toss the hair
Joey's presence will be there
The mountain streams shed crystal tears
For those who kill so young in years
Maybe some day they will see
They slay the land they strive to free.



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