Lug Walk 1999.

245 people started the walk this year.  The weather deteriorated after most walkers had gone into the last third (after Wicklow Gap).  For "conservation reasons" the walk had been re-routed via Benleagh, which also added perhaps 30 min to the walk.  Given poor visibility, a longer route and a reasonably large number of people who had made it into the last third there were difficulties.

These included a case of hypothermia, one participant and two organisers staying out over night and various organisational difficulties.  The organisers were, to put it mildly, up into the early hours of the next day.  185 finished.

Tom Milligan of the Irish Ramblers Club completed a "Triple Lug", that is he did the complete walk three times, finishing in the same direction and at around the same time as the majority of participants.  The picture below shows him at the Wicklow Gap at around 14:15 on his third trip.  Remember this walk is about 53K long, one way.  He had been walking for more than 30 hours at this point.  I am not aware of anyone previously accomplishing this feat.

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